Director: Bethany Weed

I have been dancing since the age of four, growing up training at the former Ballet Academy of Performing Arts in Edmonds.  Here I not only received experience in formal ballet technique but also became a teaching assistant then progressed to instructor and eventually assistant director and last year director before it’s closing.  I have a BA from the University of Washington in interdisciplinary arts with a focus on culture, literature, and the arts.  I had the opportunity to be a company member of Seattle based Sixth Day Dance Company over the years and pursued training in jazz, modern, and tap technique as well at BAPA.  I have 15 years of teaching experience and love getting to instruct dancers of all ages.  The little one’s bring such enthusiasm and wonder to the studio and the seeing my older dancers progress throughout a season brings me such joy.  I am excited to bring all of these experiences into my own studio and create a space that can reflect the joy that dance has given me throughout my life.

Fun Facts:
I have two beautiful children, Ryla Grace and Lochlan William and feel immensely blessed to be their mom as well as do what I love in the studio.

Most people don’t realize I have a very adventurous side as well and have gone skydiving and enjoy camping.  My husband and I are also avid Sounders FC fans!

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Assistant Director: Felicia Brockmann

I have been dancing for over 15 years both locally and at Cottey College in Missouri. I began teaching at the Ballet Academy of Performing Arts in Edmonds and am now continuing with Haven Dance Academy. I feel that Ballet is not merely something that I do; it is an expression of who I am. I love working with children, sharing the gift of dance with them, and helping them to find their creative niche in an encouraging, supportive environment. I am very excited to be part of building the community here at Haven, both in the classroom and behind the scenes in the office!

Fun Facts:
I have a fat, fluffy cat named Zack, but one of my friends forgot his name and started calling him Jeremy which caught on, so now he goes by both.

One of my favorite dance memories is from early high school. I had volunteered to perform a solo for a ladies Bible study group, but the floor where they had me perform was pretty slick. In the middle of the dance I slipped and fell down to my knee (which really hurt) but I stood right back up and finished my dance. Afterward, I hobbled over to my mom and asked if anyone had noticed. She didn’t know what I was talking about and neither did any of the other ladies- evidently they assumed it was all part of the choreography. After that day, I wasn’t nervous about performing anymore, because I realized that if you pretend like you did everything correctly, the audience will believe you.

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April Cunningham

I have been dancing in the Seattle area for over 15 years. I am originally from the Portland area and did not grow up dancing, but discovered the dance ‘studio’ after college. I have performed in several off broadways shows such as: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, West Side Story, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Me and My girl to name a few. I have also performed with Seattle’s hip hop crew Cruz Control and founded a dance non profit called Sixth Day Dance, of which I am now the Artistic Director and a board member.

Teaching the fundamentals of movement, musicality, balance and strength on stage are at the core of my teaching style. I enjoy choreographing dance pieces that tell a story and also utilizes every student according to their skill. I am very happy to be a part of this teaching staff at Haven Dance Academy.

Fun Facts:

My favorite quote is, “If you are the best student in class it’s time to find a more challenging class or find ways to challenge yourself because there is ALWAYS room to grow and improve.”

When I am not dancing I love collecting make up, thrift store shopping and re painting old furniture!

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Kendal Bogan

I have been instructing dance for the past several years at various dance studios in the greater Seattle area and specialize in ballet, jazz, modern, theatre dance, and tap. I am a certified Gyrotonic instructor and have been the resident choreographer at Snohomish High School for their musicals and summer dance intensives. I trained at a conservatory high school for the performing arts and International Ballet Academy and then went on to train with Lines Ballet, San Francisco Conservatory, and Ballet BC.

Fun Facts:

Along with theater, dance, and Gyrotonic work, I love animals, outdoor adventures and traveling and am thrilled to be a part of Haven Dance Academy.

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Mollie Strain

I Attended Cornish College of the Arts and have been dancing for 26 years, teaching and performing all over the country including San Francisco, New York City, and Europe.

Fun Facts:
The best advice I ever received from a dance teacher was simple and sweet. “You love to dance, so dance. No matter how it may fit into your life, find the time to dance because you love it.”

My favorite hobbies are making jewelry for my small business and spending time with my family.

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Paige Ryan

I have been dancing for 14 years, all of which I have spent at the Ballet Academy of Performing Arts. I am excited to continue my dance journey with Haven Dance Academy, where I will teach a ballet class, take advanced dance classes, and work in the office. I love sharing my passion for dance with my students, and I really enjoy working with children on improving their ballet skills. I cannot wait to be a part of the new community being formed at Haven Dance Academy!

Fun Facts:

I have a cat named Sarah. She was abandoned by her old owner when she was a kitten. One day, she came to our back porch looking for food. My sister and I begged our parents to keep her, and she has been a part of our family ever since!

The best advice I have received from a dance teacher is that anytime I feel comfortable doing a movement, I should try to stretch a little longer or jump a little higher to make it even better. This has encouraged me to always strive to make my dancing better through small improvements.

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