2023 -  2024 Classes by Age/Level


      Ballet Levels:

Pre-Ballet: best for young beginners ages 3-5 years

Pre-Ballet II: best for 5 or 6-year-olds with dance experience and 6-year-olds who are new to dance

Ballet I: best for 6 and 7-year-olds with dance experience or 7-year-olds who are new to dance

Ballet I/II: best for dancers who have taken Ballet I or Ballet II before or as a beginning point for 8 and 9-year-olds

Ballet II/III: best for dancers ages 8-10 who have taken Ballet II or III before and are not ready to dance twice per week

Beginning Ballet: best for dancers ages 9-12 who are new to Ballet or are returning after a break

Intermediate Ballet: best for dancers ages 12 & up who have some dance experience and want to take classes once per week

Ballet III+ : best for dancers who have taken Ballet III, Intermediate Ballet, or Beginning Ballet 9-12 yrs and are ready to dance twice per week. Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30-5:30

Pre-Pointe: best for dancers who have taken Ballet IV, Intermediate Ballet, or Teen Ballet and are ready to challenge themselves in preparation for Pointe. Meets Mondays and Wednesdays 5:00-6:00

Demi Pointe: designed for dancers who were in Ballet V/Pre-Pointe last year and already have Demi Pointe shoes (or with teacher recommendation). Meets Mondays 6:00-7:00, Tuesdays 5:30-7:00, and Thursdays 6:30-7:30

Pointe I: designed for dancers who are new to Pointework and have teacher permission to join this level. Meets Mondays 6:00-7:00, Tuesdays 5:30-7:00, and Thursdays 6:30-8:00

Pointe II/III: for dancers who have taken Pointe I or II. Meets Mondays 5:30-7:00, Tuesdays 5:30-7:00, and Thursdays 6:30-8:00

Adult Ballet I: for older teens and adults who want to focus on the foundations/basics of Ballet

Adult Ballet II: for older teens and adults who want to progress beyond the basics of Ballet

Adult Ballet III: for older teens and adults with prior dance experience who want to be challenged in class

Adult Pointe: for adult dancers who have danced en pointe in the past and dancers who have been taking Ballet classes but are new to pointework. Dancers will build strength and ease into the basics of dancing in pointe shoes. This should be taken in addition to Adult Ballet II or Adult Ballet III with teacher permission

         All Classes by Age/Level

For Beginners and Beyond:
Parent & Me 1.5-3 years: Thursdays 5:15-5:45pm
Parent & Me 2.5-4 years: Fridays 10-10:30am
Pre-Ballet 3-4 years: Thursdays 4:00-4:30pm
Pre-Ballet 3-5 years: Fridays 10:30-11:15am, or Saturdays 10-10:30am
Combo I (Tap & Ballet) 4-6 years: Wednesdays 4:15-5pm
Creative Dance 4-6 years: Fridays 4:30-5pm
Pre-Ballet II 5-6 years: Mondays 4:45-5:30pm, Thursdays 4:30-5:15pm, or Saturdays 10:30-11:15am
Hip-Hop 5-8 years: Fridays 5-5:45pm
Ballet I 6-7 years: Wednesdays 4:15-5:00pm
Musical Theater 6-9 years: Thursdays 5:45-6:45pm
Hip-Hop 6-9 years: Saturdays 11:15-12pm
Beginner 1/2 Irish 7+ years: Wednesdays 5-5:45pm
Breakdance/Popping 8+ years: Wednesdays 4:15-5:00pm
Tap I/II 9+ years: Mondays 5:15-6pm
Beginning Ballet 9-12 years: Fridays 4:45-5:45pm
Hip-Hop 9-12 years: Fridays 5:45-6:45pm
Theater Jazz 10+ years: Mondays 7:00-8:00pm
Contemporary 12+ years: Mondays 7-8pm
Teen Hip-Hop 12+ years: Fridays 6-7pm
Freestyle 12+ years: Fridays 7:00-8:00pm

For Advancing Dancers:
Beginner 1/2 Irish Hardshoe Wednesdays 5:45-6:15 *teacher permission required
Beginner 2 Irish: Wednesdays 6:15-7pm
Combo II (Tap & Ballet) 6-8 years: Mondays 4:30-5:15pm
Ballet I/II 6-8 years: Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm
Ballet I/II 6-9 years: Saturdays 12-1pm
Ballet II/III 8-10 years: Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm
Ballet III+ 9+ years: Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm
Intermediate Contemporary 10+ years: Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm
Intermediate Ballet 12+ years: Mondays 6:00-7:00pm
Pre-Pointe 11+ years: Mondays & Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm
Contemporary 12+ years: Mondays 7:00-8:00pm

Advanced Level Teacher Placement Required:
Demi-Pointe/Pointe I 12+ years: Mondays 6:00-7:00pm & Tuesdays 5:30-7pm & Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm (7:30-8pm continuation for Pointe I)
Pointe II/III Mondays 5:30-7pm & Tuesdays 5:30-7pm & Thursdays 6:30-8pm
Pointe Variations Mondays 7:00-8:00pm
Company Modern I Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm
Company Modern II Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm
Hip-Hop Crew 1 Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm
Hip-Hop Crew 2 Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm
Company Jazz I Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm
Company Jazz II/III Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm
Adult Pointe 8:00-8:30pm
Beginner 2/Adult Hardshoe Irish Wednesdays 7:00-7:30


Adult Classes:
Adult Ballet I Thursdays 6:45-7:45pm
Adult Ballet II Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm
Adult Ballet III Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm
Adult Pointe Tuesdays 8:00-8:30pm **Instructor permission
Adult Contemporary Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm
Adult Hip-Hop Fridays 8-9pm
Adult Irish Wednesdays 7:30-8:15